Giant Cushion

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Behold the resplendent opulence of our extraordinary Moroccan-inspired creations, where comfort meets vibrant artistry in perfect harmony.  A pair of giant cushions crafted from handwoven Moroccan rugs, thoughtfully selected to infuse your living space with an exotic blend of elegance and warmth. To be used for casual seating, meditation rooms, bedding etc.

Each cushion is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and expert craftsmanship that define Morocco's artistic tapestry. Picture yourself sinking into a world of indulgence, as these magnificent cushions, adorned with a vibrancy of color, transport you to the sun-soaked landscapes of Marrakech and beyond.

The cushions are generously sized, allowing you to lose yourself in a sea of comfort. Sink into their plush depths, as the softness envelops you, providing a sanctuary of relaxation after a long day's journey. Whether you seek solace in your reading nook, unwind in your living room, or gather with loved ones for intimate conversations, these cushions create an ambiance of utmost luxury and serenity.

Each cushion is a work of art, handpicked for its exceptional quality and vibrant palette. Brilliant shades of bright and soft pink meld with cream and earthy beige tones. Abstract patterns describe the boucherouite style of rug. 

Filled with a feather blend, these cushions are extremely comfortable and hefty! 

26" x 62"

*inquire for custom orders