Moroccan Boucherite Rug in Lavender

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Sandy dunes under the changing sky. This rug paints a portrait of the desert. A piece so beautiful it might as well be worn as a cloak.

The term "Boucherite" translates to "a piece torn from old clothing" in the Berber language. These rugs have a fascinating history that dates back to the mid-20th century, a time when traditional materials for rug weaving, such as wool, became scarce in rural Moroccan communities. In response to this scarcity, the resourceful Berber women began repurposing discarded textiles and remnants, including clothing, rags, and scraps of fabric, to create their rugs.

The history of Boucherite rugs in Morocco showcases the resilience, resourcefulness, and artistic ingenuity of the Berber women.

Almost daily I receive a photo from my father, of the reservoir near their house. A token of his appreciation and wonderment for how beautiful it is. I see this rug as a similar sentiment. Without the ease of photos and the internet, perhaps the beauty of what we saw could be woven in thread. 

Measuring 55.5"x 59"