Design Services


We embrace an unconventional style that approaches space with the eye and training of life in the arts. The composition of an interior is considered as if it were an installation, guiding the eye on the path that we want it to go, guiding the body towards the feeling and energy that we want it to feel. It is an empathic, personable and casual approach. That said, we do not use typical design formats or techniques. Our aesthetic involves taking time to find and create the right pieces for your space. This guarantees a unique and special piece of art. 


Consider the Lodestone design aesthetic for your next home or project.  

Let us utilize our web of resources and artisans to help create your space.

Our pieces are one-of-a-kind, as are you!   

The philosophy of design we employ is an all-encompassing one, which considers not only your personal needs and desires but also the history and current state of your physical space. In this way, we can create a place that is meaningful, useful, and unique. 

We work with textile and rug cooperatives, lighting artists, furniture makers, stone-workers and designers that can customize your space.