Oushak Runner in Citrine + Blush

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Herodotus was mentioning the Cappadocians as far back as 450 BCE, and we’re surprised he didn’t mention their rugs as well. Oushaks derive their name from the town of the same name, a centre of rug production since the 15th century, but the nomadic peoples of Central Anatolia were making them long before then. Symmetrical down to the type of knot used (Turkish, of course), this runner in muted blue and blush tones evokes the crepuscular mood of the sun’s last rays retreating for the day. Fitting for a rug heralding from a land whose name translates to “land of the rising sun.”

40-60 years old, hand-knitted wool on cotton, vegetable dyes. 46.5” x 102” or 3’9” x 8.5'