Senegalese Pillow - Deep Red + Chartreuse

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On the streets of Dakar, before we could explore the market, everything shut down for prayer. All of the men gathered in their robes to kneel towards Mecca.  I stood with two young girls, and I watched while they giggled and discussed other things- having seen this so often in their lives. When (very orderly and peaceful) prayer was complete, the chaos of the market alit like a hungry flame. We wandered through the hyperactive maze of textiles, dealers dealing in rooms lined with waxed batiks.  On the last leg out of the madness, 20 feet from the maze-relief, I saw a tiny booth with rolls of beautiful hand-spun textile. And a man, seemingly under the spell of his own collection of beauty, fast asleep inside. I gently awoke him knowing that this was a piece of Senegal that I had to share with you. 

17"x19", down-filled with hidden zipper

Available in separate style and lumbar size